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Discover the KCP-101W Max Arm: a versatile mounting solution designed to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities. This durable arm features a 5/8″ hex stud with both 3/8″-16 and 1/4″-20 female threads, ensuring broad compatibility with various assistive devices. Its innovative design allows for full 360-degree rotation and a 90-degree pivot, enabling precise positioning for optimal device usage.

The Max Arm is built for stability, with a central elbow joint that fully rotates and is secured by user-replaceable friction discs with anti-slip rosettes. Adjustments are a breeze with the rubberized handwheel, which locks all joints in place with a simple turn, providing secure and reliable support.

The 1/4″-20 female thread aligns with universal mounting systems, making it a seamless addition to any assistive technology setup. For added versatility, an optional KS-054 adapter spigot (sold separately) is available to accommodate cameras and other equipment.

The KCP-101W Max Arm is an indispensable tool that empowers users with disabilities to engage with their environment comfortably and independently, providing a touch of simplicity and stability to everyday tasks.


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