PIPE Lighting Pipe 6 Bi-Color (600W)

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PIPE Lighting Pipe 6 Bi-Color (600W)

Pipe Lighting Pipe 6 Bi-Color – PIPE-6
• Bi-Color
• Adjustable CCT: 2650-6000K
• Flicker-Free
• Max power: 600W
• Dimming range: 0-100%
• CRI 96/98
• Control Bluetooth, DMX and CRMX (Lumen Radio)
• Passive Cooling
• Mounting system 16mm baby pin
• Size (L × W × H) 195 × 30 × 30cm
• Lamp Head Weight 1,4 kg
• Kit weight: 7 kg
• IP Rating: IP67
• CE, RoHS

Pipe Lighting lightweight inflatable waterproof powerfull Bi-Color Pipe 6 (600W) is a Softlight without any additional diffusers.The PIPE Lightng Pipe 6 can be controlled via Bluetooth, DMX and CRMX (Lumen Radio) and is developt for filmsets and commercial shootings.

Pipe Lighting Pipe 6 Features:
• Ultimate power-to-weight ratio
• Soft light without any additional diffusers
• Waterproof and operative at any weather conditions
• Each unit is compact and supplied with its own travel bag
• Remote control via Bluetooth and CRMX (Lumen Radio)
• CRI 96/98

• Pipe Lighting Pipe 6 Kit contains:
1x Transportation bag
1x Lamp Head
1x Protective cover
1x Controller in bag
1x AC-Cable
1x Extension cable (5m)
1x Mounting pad/frame with straps
1x Air pump
1x Repair Kit
1x Skirt in bag

• Soft grid is sold separately


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