ARRI – Beam Enhancer Filter for HyPer Optic and S60 Adapter

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The Beam Enhancer Filter is a rigid filter that can be easily inserted in the front of the HyPer Optic and S60 Adapter to break and widen the beam while keeping the punch and throw. It also softens the edges, enhances the color mixing in close distances, and changes the visual look of the pixels when the HyPer Optic is facing the camera. In terms of light distribution, it delivers similar characteristics to those from a Hampshire Frost gel. The Beam Enhancer Filter can be combined with other accessories such as the DoPchoice SNAPGRID 30Âş for X21.

  • Fits perfectly in the accessory slot of the HyPer Optic for X21.
  • Same size and weight as the legacy S60-C diffusers – it fits both SkyPanel X and the Classic SkyPanel S60-C.


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