FXLION – 2 CH Mini Charger – 16.8V / 2A V-Mount – FX-M2S

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The 2-CH Mini Charger is designed to work with all V-Mount batteries. It is easy to carry around because of the compact and lightweight aluminum housing. It offers 2A charging and only draws a 100 Watts. The Automatic Input Voltage is ideal for travelling as every country uses different voltage levels on their sockets.

Battery capacity Charging time
100wh battery 4h
130wh battery 5.3h
160wh battery 6.5h
190wh battery 8h
250wh battery 10.3h


Input: 100-240V 47-63Hz
Output: 16.8V / 2.0A (each channel)
Power Draw: 100W
Features: Two channel simultaneous
Dimensions: 102(L)mm*84(W)mm*152(H)mm
Weight: 632g


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