FXLION – 270Wh 26V Battery – BP-7S270

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The 26V V-Mount/Gold-Mount battery is suited for equipment inputs ranging from 18 to 30VDC. The internal protection chips makes sure there won’t be any over-heating, over-charge, over-discharge and over- current, causing any risk or harm.

With a normal working current of 10 Amps at 26VDC the battery can provide much power. If your equipment uses more than the 10 Amps – you can get a maximum of 15 Amps Output.

The battery is chargeable and can be used in temperatures ranging from -20°C~ +55°C with a Maximum loss in sub zero temperatures of half the capacity.

A 4-level indicator shows you the remaining capacity. There’s a dedicated 26V charger available with a output of 29.4V at 5 Amps. This charger may not be used for any other equipment as the high voltage can kill electronic circuits that are not suitable.


Capacity:  10.5Ah 270Wh

Voltage: 26V

D-Tap In- / Output: Yes (1x) 26V

Current: 15.0A(max.)

Dimensions: 152(L)mm×97(W)mm×65(H)mm

Weight: 1190g


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