FXLION – 4 CH Charger – 33.6V / 4*4A B-Mount – FX-BM4LC

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All our Chargers offer automatic Voltage detection ranging from 100 – 240VAC 47-63Hz. This opens the possibilities to travel with your charger anywhere in the world without even thinking about the different voltages.

Fast Chargers charge your batteries with a current of 4  Amps. Normal Chargers charge your battery with 2 Amps. This means that your charging time is cut in half.


Input: 100-240V 47-63Hz
Output: 33.6V / 4.0A (each channel)
Power Draw: 550W
Features: Four channels simultaneous charging with 4 Amps per Channel
Dimensions: 283mmx140mmx190mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 3’000g


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