FXLION – NANO 4-CH V-Mount Charger – FX-NANO4S

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This 4-CH Charger is designed for the NANO series, as it is very compact and lightweight. Features simultaneous charging of all channels. The charging output is 1 Amp per channel.

You can also use it with normal batteries, please be aware that you can only put two normal V-Mount batteries onto the charger, as the space is too short for two on each side.

If you only put one battery on each side, the charger charges those with 2 Amps. Four batteries are charged with 1 Amp per channel.


Features: simultaneous charging

Input: 100-240V 47-63Hz

Output: 16.8V / 2.0A (CH 1+2 / CH 3+4)

Power Draw: 80W

Dimension: 160(L)mm*93(W)mm*124(H)mm

Weight: 743g


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