Lightstar LUXED-P3 Full Color LED Spotlight 480W RGBWW with LumenRadio – LUXED-P3-LM

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Imagine having it all and a little bit more.
The LUXED-P3 is the allrounder you’ve been waiting for. It offers you 480W of RGBWW light. Make your set come alive with vibrant colors.
The bi-color gives you a range from 2400-10000K, making it the perfect tool for any challenge on set. The LUXED-P3 weights only 11.8kg and accessories like a softbox and grid are available to give you even more lighting options.
The robust frame around the light allows safe travels and plenty of possibilities to mount it whereever you need it. All of the LUXED lights are also ready for flicker free highspeed shootings.

• Material: Aluminium casting
• Color temperature: 2400-10000°K
• Dimming: 0-100%
• Rated Input: AC 100-240V / DC 48V
• Control: Cable DMX / LumenRadio / App
• Weight: 11.8kg
• Dimensions: 1048 x 563 x 172mm
• IP class: IP20

• In the box:
1x Lamphead
1x Power Cable
1x Softbox with 2 Scrims
1x Softbox Grid

• Optional
Travel case


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