Lightstar LUXED-P4 Full Color LED Spotlight 640W RGBWW with LumenRadio – LUXED-P4-LM

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With the Lightstar P RGBWW fixtures you are ready to go!
The LUXED-P4 gives you full control with the tools of your choice.
You can use the built-in dimmer, DMX, lumenradio or free app to change your settings.
Each of the four LUXED-P4 spotlights can be adjusted and controlled seperately.
All of the LUXED lights are also ready for flicker free highspeed shootings.
The high-quality frame offers you endless possibilities to mount your LUXED-P4 whereever you need it.
The design of the lights is also optimized to be used as space light on set.
The power really shines trough when the RGB comes to play.
You get 640W RGBWW light. No matter the plan, this light will get the job done.

• Material: Aluminium casting

• Color temperature: 2400-10000°K

• Dimming: 0-100%

• Rated Input: AC 100-240V / DC 48V

• Control: Cable DMX / LumenRadio / App

• Weight: 24kg

• Dimensions: 945 x 910 x 216mm

• IP class: IP20

• In the box:
1x Lamphead Lumenradio
1x Power Cable
1x White Skirt
1x Black Skirt
1x Softbox Set

• Optional


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