Lightstar LUXED-P9 Full Color LED Spotlight 1440W RGBWW with LumenRadio – LUXED-P9-LM

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It’s robust, versatile and the perfect match for your set.
The Lightstar LUXED-P9 comes with a yoke-mount for easy mounting.
The slim structure of the LUXED-9 is perfect for lighting stands in small areas and studios.
The LUXED-P9 gives you full control with the tools of your choice. You can use DMX, lumenradio or free app to change your settings and adjust each one of the 9 spots seperately.
Expect astonishing 1440W of bi-color and 720W of RGB light, that will change the way you work on set.
The high-quality frame offers you endless possibilities to mount your LUXED-P9 whereever you need it.

• Material: Aluminium casting

• Color temperature: 2400-10000°K

• Dimming: 0-100%

• Rated Input: AC 100-240V

• Control: Cable DMX / Lumen Radio / App

• Weight: 37.5kg

• Weight of Ballast: 4.4kg

• Dimensions: 1256 x 1218 x 216mm

• IP class: IP20

In the box:
1x Lamphead
1x Ballast
1x Power Supply Cable
1x Extension Cable (7m)
1x Softbox Set
1x Rainproof Cover

• Optional


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