LUPO Movielight 300 PRO KIT – Code 902

998,76 IVA esclusa
1.218,49 IVA inclusa

Inside the Movielight 300 PRO KIT you find one Movielight 300 PRO complete with AC cable, one all black Lupo Backpack, one V-Mount clamp and one D-Tap cable. With this kit you’ll have a super practical solution and you’ll get rid of external power supplies and unnecessary cables. When you buy a Lupo product, you can be sure it will have all the features you expect from a high-end product and a performance level second to none. With the new Movielight range, we want to offer you all of the following: a powerful, compact, easy to use and high-performing solution, all at an unbeatable price.

Kit compoto da:

– Lupo Movielight 300 Dual Color PRO

 – Zaino

– Piastra V-Mount

– Cavo D-Tap


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