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JIB 100

A very lightweight and versatile jib arm.

The JIB 100 (8240-0) is extremly lightweight. This makes it a very versatile and easily transportable piece of equipment that can be used for all kinds of camera types. The JIB 100 can be reduced to very small packing dimensions and assembled within minutes which makes it the perfect equipment for use on the go.

Technical features:

  • Selfweight: 19 kg
  • Boom length: 162 cm
  • Total jib length: 240 cm
  • Max. camera payload: 20 kg
  • Max. counterweight: 40 kg



1x Jib with crane support and euromount clamp

1x Counterweight bar (30 mm outside diameter)

1x Soft bag


Experience quality camera support and grip equipment Made in Germany.


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