NANLITE – Green Screen Chroma Key Backdrop Kit

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753,30 IVA inclusa

Product Size: 3.5m (W) * 2.2m (H)

Green screen chroma key is an auxiliary technology of energizing creation, which can meet the needs of those creators with low cost and for urgent project.

No matter for the creative ideas of freelance creators or for the background settings in the studio, the Green Screen Chroma Key Backdrop Kit is always capable of been applied in a variety of scenes, providing perfect chroma key effect.

Wrinkle-resistant Background Cloth 

Good performance for Wrinkle-resistant of the background cloth is an important condition for green screen shooting. The thickened and encrypted fabric material also ensures the optical opacity of the background cloth. Besides effectively reducing the time for setup, the flat and smooth surface can avoid uneven color shadows and ensure the purity of the chroma key.


Accurate Chroma Color

Green Screen Chroma Key Backdrop Kit includes the background cloth with high rendering index, which is designed to present a most realistic shooting effect.


Easy to Carry About

Integrated carrying bag, with portable LG-E60, which make mobile setting scene with ease.



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