Steelfingers Apple Box 4 in 1

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The Steelfingers Apple Box 4 in 1 consists of four boxes made of birch multiplex 18 mm BFU 100, which have been designed for use as a base or shelf. The boxes are 13-ply glued, have been stained and sanded and have a hard wax oil finish.

  • Four Apple boxes made of birch plywood 18 mm BFU 100
  • Bottom or shelf
  • 13-fold glued
  • Stained and sanded
  • Hard wax oil finish

Technical data:
Processing: doweled with Festool Domino, surfaces sanded and stained, finish with hard wax oil.
Branding: Steelfingers

General product information:
Weight: 15.7 kg
Material: Birch multiplex 18 mm BFU 100 (CE-marking), 13-fold glued

Scope of delivery:
1x Steelfingers Apple Box 500 x 300 x 200 mm
1x Steelfingers Apple Box 1/Eight
1x Steelfingers Apple Box 1/Quarter
1x Steelfingers Apple Box 1/Half


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