SWIT Parabolic Dome Softbox 70cm + Grid – BA-PARA26 –

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The BA-PARA26 Parabolic Dome from Swit is a Parabolic shaped softbox with a diameter of 26 “rounded off approx. 70cm. Equipped with a Bowens S-Mount. And comes with a removable grid.

Thanks to the deep chalice, the softbox gently generates a focused yet filling light like a specular glow. The Swit BA-PARA26 Parabolic Dome is therefore a versatile softbox and very versatile.

The softbox is symmetrical with 16 ribs. This creates a softbox with a hexagonal structure that provides an accurate circular, round light beam. Provides beautiful round reflections in, for example, eyes (“Perfect Catchlight”) .


  • 1 x Swit BA-PARA26 Parabolic Dome Softbox 70cm + Grid


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